OEM Paint Match Chart

Try our Pearls in Comparison to Pearls from PPG*, Dupont*, Matrix System*, Valspar*, Dimension*, and other major brands.

Below: We have carefully analysed pigments to ensure the closest possible color and particle size. Compare and Save!

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Paint With Pearl

Part No. #

Paint With Pearl Description
OEM Description
PWP509 Root Beer Green Shifter Candy Red Green Pearl PPG PRL-86 1019S Matrix MSP-86 PT26 DM594 N/A DMT-26
PWP221 Blue Satin Pearl Fine Blue Pearl PPG PRL-87 1012S Matrix MSP-87 PT23 DM585 P02 DMT-23
PWP217 Copper Pearl Orange Pearl PPG PRL-88 1013S Matrix MSP-88 PT14 DM578 P13 DMT-13
In Progress Violet Pearl PPG PRL-89 1007S Matrix MSP-89 PT25 DM593 N/A DMT-25
In Progress Sunset Red Pearl PPG PRL-90 N/A Matrix MSP-90 N/A N/A N/A N/A
PWP231 Green Satin Pearl Green Pearl PPG PRL-91 N/A Matrix MSP-91 PT7 DM581 P04 DMT-6
PWP225 Blue Pearl Frost Blue Pearl PPG PRL-92 1004S Matrix MSP-92 PT13 DM586 N/A DMT-12
PWP208 Gold Ghost Pearl Tincture Gold Pearl PPG PRL-93 1005S Matrix MSP-93 PT16 DM587 P06 DMT-15
PWP705 Blue to Green Pearl Blue Green Pearl PPG PRL-94 1015S Matrix MSP-94 PT22 DM584 N/A DMT-21
PWP163 Silver Shimmer Bright White Pearl PPG PRL-95 N/A Matrix MSP-95 PT8 DM591 N/A DMT-7
PWP504 Wine Red Candy Russet Pearl PPG PRL-96 1002S Matrix MSP-96 N/A N/A P03 N/A
PWP502 Orange Copper Pearl Copper Pearl PPG PRL-97 N/A Matrix MSP-97 N/A N/A N/A N/A
PWP111 White Satin Pearl Fine White Pearl PPG PRL-98 1011S Matrix MSP-98 PT20 DM592 P14 DMT-19
PWP524 Wine Red Candy Satin Fine Russet Pearl PPG PRL-99 N/A Matrix MSP-99 PT11 DM590 N/A DMT-10
PWP534 Shimmer Wine Red Candy Radiant Red Pearl PPG PRLX-1 1023S Matrix MSPX-01 PT33 N/A P21 DMT-33
PWP101 White Sparkle Pearl Crystal Silver Pearl PPG PRLX-2 1020S Matrix MSPX-02 PT30 N/A P19 DMT-30
PWP249 Shimmer Gold Pearl Sunbeam Gold Pearl PPG PRLX-3 1024S Matrix MSPX-03 PT32 N/A P20 DMT-32
PWP289 Shimmer Blue Pearl Galaxy Blue Pearl PPG PRLX-4 1025S Matrix MSPX-04 PT34 N/A P23 DMT-34
In Progress Stellar Green Pearl PPG PRLX-5 N/A Matrix MSPX-05 PT35 N/A P22 DMT-35
PWP269 Shimmer Orange Pearl Solaris Red Pearl PPG PRLX-6 N/A Matrix MSPX-06 N/A N/A N/A N/A
PWP532 Shimmer Orange Copper Candy Fireside Copper Pearl PPG PRLX-7 N/A Matrix MSPX-07 PT31 N/A N/A DMT-31
In Progress Cosmic Turquoise PPG PRLX-8 N/A Matrix MSPX-08 N/A N/A N/A N/A
In Progress Amethyst Dream PPG PRLX-9 N/A Matrix MSPX-09 N/A N/A N/A N/A

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