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Home Made DIY Custom Paint Jobs by our Customers!

Over Time, we have collected customer projects and their DIY custom paint jobs. Send us custom paint pictures (with a good picture or more) and get a free $50 gift certificate (upon your request) and a page built for you with a link back to your site…no charge.  Some of the custom paint jobs you will find on this page are of many objects other than cars. For instance, there are nail polish pictures, boat paint jobs, toys, and even some fine art.  The above Mini Cooper picture was one of the first automotive faux finish custom paint jobs we have ever seen,  and it is obviously a new trend in the industry of custom painting.

The trick is…it has to be good enough to put on the site. Nice pictures, and a little story about what you did with your home made custom paint to make these DIY custom paint jobs so special. We built this website on the beautiful projects of our customers. We believe in paying back. Thanks to our users for their home made custom paint pictures. For verified buyers only. No Cheating!

Paint With Pearl is the original seller of pearl pigments on the Internet. We have been around since 2005, and have upheld an amazing reputation as far as customer satisfaction is concerned. You can always count on speedy shipping, great customer service, and when you call us, you will always talk to an owner of the company. Never any need to ask for a manager. We have been around for 10 years and are on our second web site. Check out our old site if you like.  Don’t forget to check out our Youtube Channel.  Thank you for checking out our pictures!

For years we have been selling metallic paint pigments, pearl pigment, candy paint, and Temperature Changing Paint for your custom paint jobs.


  • Gold – Purple – Orange Custom Paint Jobs by Rin Tin Tin Auto Body

    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] I started using Paint With Pearl about a year ago,,,like any painter you wanna have nice paint jobs,,,me I wanted custom paint jobs,,so I started mixing the pearls in with the base coat and just see what happens,,and man this stuff was nice when I sprayed it out,,let it flash and take it out in the sun and wow,,so […]

  • Super-bike painted camouflage, then with thermochromic, then with our Ghost Chameleon.

    John Haro’s Chameleon Thermochromic Super-Bike

    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=13&v=Vwh2o0MZkVY” title=”Chad Ricks Paints John Haro’s super-bike”][vc_column_text] John Haro’s Super Bike – Thermochromic Chameleon Painted by Chad Ricks The base was the tricky part cause the heat needs a white base but the customer wanted a camo pattern when the paint heated up.. This paint is so cool, I’m going to continue to play […]

  • Multiple green and yellow flames on truck hood

    Flame Paint Jobs are Simple with Pearls

    You can do your own flame paint jobs like Ron Wilson! Heard about your products through a friend, thought I’d give it a try. It started out as a Sunday project turned into a 3 Day project, but I thought it was well worth it. Here are the colors that I used I use forest […]

  • 4779bg chameleon pearls side view super bike

    4779BG Blue Green Purple Superflash Chameleon Motorcycle

    This really cool motorcycle is painted in our 4779BG Blue Green Purple Superflash Chameleon Pearl. This is one of our most popular true chameleon colors.

  • glow in the dark wooden table

    Blue to Blue Glow in the Dark coffee tables

    These beautiful coffee tables are layered with Blue to Blue Glow in the Dark pigment to make the stand out at night.

  • orange copper candy pearl and gold ghost pearl

    Orange Copper Candy Pearl and Gold Ghost pearl motorcycle

    Doyle Williams painted this beautiful bike with our Orange Copper Candy Pearl and Gold Ghost Pearl. The bike is polished to a mirror like finish. Awesome!

  • Purple candy pearl over black marble with silver metal flake

    Purple Candy Pearl Motorcycle

    Purple candy pearl over a black base coat with silver marbling and 2 coats of silver metal flake. Candy pearls can be mixed to be transparent or opaque.

  • indigo gold orange red 4739IO chameleon pearl on clippers

    Indigo Gold Orange Red 4739IO Chameleon Pearl Hair Clippers

    These hair clippers were powder coated with our 4739IO Chameleon Pearl. Our products can be used to customize just about anything!

  • apple red metal flake helmet

    Apple Red Metal Flake on a Sportster

    This sleek sportster has apple red metal flake all over. .004 flake is small but gives a high impact in the sun. Matching helmet looks great too!

  • red green blue 4739RG chameleon Ford Focus

    Red Green Blue Chameleon Ford Focus 4739RG

    This car looks great with our red green blue 4739RG chameleon pearl. It has a lot of curves which really shows off the color shift effect of the chameleon.

  • moss green metal flake on jet boat

    Jet Boat with Gold Shimmer Pearl and Moss Green Metal Flake

    A very cool combination of Moss green Metal Flake over black base and Gold shimmer pearl over white base.

  • Gold Red Orange 4739OR Chameleon Infinity

    This is a beautiful matte finish version of our Gold Red Orange 4739OR Chameleon Pearl. Sprayed in a product called Halo Efx.

  • Fire Red Metal Flake Dune Buggy

    This is an awesome paint job of fire red metal flake on a dune buggy done by Dave and Kyle Hardisty. They got great results in a make shift paint booth!

  • black gunmetal candy pearl on a road bike

    Road bike with multiple products black gunmetal candy pearl

    A really nice road bike painted with multiple products including black gunmetal candy pearl, silver holographic flake and red crystal ghost pearl.

  • chameleon color blue green purple 4779BG

    Blue Green Purple 4779BG chameleon on Honda

    Blue green purple 4779BG chameleon on Honda Paint with Pearl is taking Maui by storm!!! This is the fully assembled Honda in the sun, and in the Rain! Aloha Matt Sampled some of your products and was blown away by price and performance ……. The thermochromatic powder was amazing….  Everything in Hawaii is very expensive […]

  • cool metal art with our blue ghost pearl

    Cool Artwork with Blue Ghost Pearl

    Cool artwork with blue ghost pearl

  • inline speed skating boots with metal flake

    Inline Speed Skating Boots with Metal Flake

    Inline Speed Skating Boots with Metal Flake Great products!   I am glad that I found your site.   Here is one of the pairs of footwear (inline speed skates) that I have used the metal flake on.  I will continue to purchase! I am using PPG clear, its available at the shop right around the corner from me. […]

  • This is no rust bucket mini cooper. It is an effects paint that is getting lots of notoriety for home made DIY custom paint jobs.

    Rust Bucket Mini Cooper-NOT!

    Just thought I would share some pic’s of my car that brought me back into custom painting. No its not a real rust bucket, its all paint with multiple Candies, Pearls, and flakes from Paint With Pearl! The paint job took about a year worth of weekends to complete, and it’s getting a ton of […]

  • custom made finger nail polish using our thermochromic pigments

    Thermochromic Nail Polish

    This super cool custom made nail polish uses our thermochromic pigment. Constantly changing nail polish. Thermochromic nail polish!

  • royal blue monte carlo

    Royal Blue Monte Carlo by Tino Gallardo

    This Royal Blue Monte Carlo is a beautiful mix of candy pearls and metal flakes, A great job done by Colorado's own Tino Gallardo

  • blue green flip pigment for cars

    Blue Green flip (Carribean Gold) Honda Civic by Elvet Carty

    This Civic was painted in our Blue green flip pigment (Carribean gold). It has a beautiful color change in the sun and is a real head turner!

  • Chameleon Charger Painted with the red green blue 4739OR.

    Chameleon Charger with Red Green Blue Chameleon

    Roman Cooremans' chameleon charger painted with our 4739RG Chameleon Pearls ®. This chameleon Charger has a Red Green Blue Color-shift Chameleon Pearls.

  • bronze and gold pearl on fairy costume

    Beautiful Fairy Costumes by Lauren Rhodus

    Beautiful Fairy Costumes by Lauren Rhodus I added two photos of myself, I’m wearing the Purple Ghost pearl on my skin.  I’m a traveling fairy and childrens performer. And I added a photo of wings I used the Blue Pearl on. The last photo is of two costumes I did mixing the gold with a […]

  • Dining Room Walls painted with Blue to Purple chameleon. Faux Finish.

    Chameleon Faux Finish Walls

    Blue Purple Chameleon Faux finish on walls by Cynthia Schaffer I just want to let you know that I followed the instructions you gave me and I am thrilled with the results of my blue to purple pearl paint. It is on 2 walls in my dining room. These pictures don’t capture its awesomeness. Thank […]

  • Create amazing leather effects with our mica powders and pigments.

    Effects Leather and Reptile Skin Effects

    Hi Matt, I’ve been using micas and pigments from a few sources for several years for crafting. Mostly for exotic leathers and finding ways to do enhance the textures, patterns and colors.  My mother taught me a valuable lesson learned in Chicago during the Depression. If you think you have a good deal on something […]

  • Nissan Cefiro with our Gold Green Blue Chameleon pearls.

    Nissan Cefiro A31 Gold Green Blue Chameleon Paint

    Gold Green Blue Chameleon paint on Nissan Cefiro in Thailand. Yes, we do ship overseas! 1992 Nissan Cefiro A31 Painted with : gold to green to blue chameleon Bangkok, Thailand   We at Paint With Pearl appreciate all of our customers who take the time to send us pictures and feedback on all of our […]

  • Singer Sewing machine with violet paint ghost pearl

    Sewing Machine Violet Satin Ghost Pearl Paint

    This Sewing Machine is given a “Ghost” effect with Violet Satin Ghost Pearl Paint Lyndi, here are a couple photos of the custom white w/violet Satin ghost pearl. Let me know if this is something you want to use and I can write a little paragraph. Also I would like a link to my website […]